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World Ch’ship Results

World Ch’ship Results
At the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, from April 27 – May 1
Last Updated: May 8, 2012 6:13pm


R O’Sullivan (Eng) 18-11 A Carter (Eng)


A Carter (Eng) 17-12 S Maguire (Sco)
R O’Sullivan (Eng) 17-10 M Stevens (Wal)


R O’Sullivan (Eng) 13-10 N Robertson (Aus)
A Carter (Eng) 13-11 J Jones (Wal)
S Maguire (Sco) 13-2 S Hendry (Sco)
M Stevens (Wal) 11-5 R Day (Wal)

Second round

N Robertson (Aus) 13-9 D Gilbert (Eng)
S Maguire (Sco) 13-7 J Perry (Eng)
S Hendry (Sco) 13-4 J Higgins (Sco)
R Day (Wal) 13-7 C Yupeng (Chn)
M Stevens (Wal) 13-11 B Hawkins (Eng)
A Carter (Eng) 13-12 J Trump (Eng)
R O’Sullivan (Eng) 13-6 M Williams (Wal)
J Jones 13-10 A Higginson (Eng)

First round

J Higgins (Sco) 10-9 L Wenbo (Chn)
D Gilbert (Eng) 10-8 M Gould (Eng)
C Yupeng (Chn) 10-6 M Allen (NIrl)
N Robertson (Aus) 10-4 K Doherty (Ire)
S Hendry (Sco) 10-4 S Bingham (NIrl)
S Maguire (Sco) 10-5 L Brecel (Bel)
J Jones (Wal) 10-8 S Murphy (Eng)
M Stevens (Wal) 10-3 M Fu (Hkg)
R O’Sullivan (Eng) 10-4 P Ebdon (Eng)
A Higginson (Eng) 10-6 S Lee (Eng)
J Perry (Eng) 10-1 G Dott (Sco)
J Trump (Eng) 10-7 D Dale (Wal)
R Day (Wal) 10-9 D Junhui (Chn)
B Hawkins (Eng) 10-3 M Selby (Eng)
A Carter (Eng) 10-2 M Davis (Eng)
M Williams (Wal) 10-6 L Chuang (Chn)

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