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Rays reporter Kelly Nash takes an impressively

dangerous Fenway Park self-portrait

By Jay Busbee | Big League Stew – 11 hours ago


Everybody wants a selfie these days, a self-portrait in some dramatic location. Kelly Nash, a Tampa Bay Rays reporter for Sun Sports, decided to show the folks back home where she was working, and picked an ideal moment during batting practice to snap the photo.

Nash noted that her producer had called out “heads up!” a few times as home run balls rained down around her. “But none of those balls actually fell close to me,” Nash said, “so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture.” Once she looked at it, she realized just how close she’d come to getting beaned.


Later, on Twitter, Nash revealed that she had a DVD copy of “Angels in the Outfield” in her handbag. Coincidence, or good luck charm?

We can understand if you’re a bit skeptical about this photo, which seems just a bit too perfect. But Nash has drawn interest from “Good Morning America” this week to talk about the photo, so it’s either legit, she’s doubling down on the deception, or there’s a big reality-show reveal in the works.

(Note: our own Dave Brown reached out to a member of the Rays’ public relations staff, which indicated that the photo was not altered “to his knowledge.” The idea of doctoring the photo hadn’t even occurred to the Rays until Yahoo! Sports suggested it, which is kind of sweet and also makes us feel a bit like we spoiled Christmas for them.)

No matter what, let’s just enjoy the photo. And if you want to throw baseballs at people taking selfies, well, we can’t endorse that, but it would certainly be a logical extension of this photo.

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